Species Orientated

Certainly, one visit is not enough to explore the panorama of wilderness of Indian Subcontinent. Wildlife enthusiasts will definitely return to complete their wish list.

Every wildlife traveler has at least one dream specie and dream sighting; it may be Snow Leopard, Malabar Trongon, King Cobra, Otters, Red Panda, Tigress with cubs, Leopard on a kill or Black Leopard…It could be anything. All you have to tell us your liking and we will arrange a dream tour for you. IWX is highly specialized in wildlife tourism and is equipped with a huge data base and information network. We will guide you perfectly, considering the destination, duration and season.

Rare species of India

North India

Yellow Throated Martin, Himalayan Black Bare and Brown Bare, Musk Deer, Hog Deer, Kashmir Stag, Black-necked Crane, Monal Pheasant, Golden Eagle, Swallow Tailed Butterflies, Tibetan Wolf, Red Panda, Himalayan Flying Squirrel, Dusky Horned Owl etc.

Western India

Desert Cat, Desert Fox, Spiny-tailed Lizard, Great Indian Bustard, Macqueen's Bustard, Hoopoe Lark, Royal Snake, Indian Wolf, Striped Hyena, Asiatic Lion and more.

South India

Lion-tailed Macaque, Malabar Giant Squirrel, Nilgiri Thar, Mouse Deer, Porcupine, Slender Loris, Great-pied Hornbill, Frogmouth, Black Buzzard, Rufous-bellied Eagle, Black Eagle, Blue Mormon, Southern Bird-wing, Gliding Tree Frog, King Cobra, Malabar Pit Viper and many more.
For more information on other species, visit our Tour Reports & Gallery section.

North East India

Golden Langur, Hoolock Gibbon, Caped Langur, Cenereous Vulture, Marbled Cat, Asian Golden Cat, Clouded Leopard, Paris Peacock, White Dragon-tail, Copper-headed Racer, Indo-Chinese Rat snake, Rufous-necked Hornbill etc.

Central India

Tiger, Leopard, Ratel, Pangolin, Sloth Bear, Hard Ground Barasinga Wild Dogs, Four-horned Antelope, Flying Squirrel, Forest Owlet Shama, Paradise Flycatcher, Grey-headed Fish Eagle, Russell's Viper, Indian Cobra, Map Butterfly etc.