River Cruises

Glide along the majestic Ganges. Discover the heart of India by cruising along the Brahmaputra. There is no more relaxing or satisfying way to grasp the country than from its great rivers where the sun, cloud, water, clay, sand, birds, people and culture blend at their best.

IWX guides you all, to enjoy a wealth of dramatic history, culture and stunning landscape. Explore the wild natural beauty of the Brahmaputra and the imperial tea gardens of Assam. Discover the spiritual heart of Hinduism along the Ganges strewing with fascinating cities, pilgrimage sites, villages, mountains and forests.
These Cruises help you to discover the most exotic part of India on its floating resort

  • Assam Cruise operated by Charaidew Cruise liner operational from Oct-Apr each year
  • Bengal Cruises operated by Sukhapa Cruise liner operational from Jul-Apr each year
  • Bengal Ganga, operational from Oct-Mar each year
  • M.V.Paramhamsa, operational from Sep-Apr each year