November 2013

Become One with Nature at Chorla Ghat

As we continue in our attempt to discover new and exciting places in India with a rich and natural background, we stumbled upon the lushness of Chorla Ghat. We visited the destination this month and are pleased to report that the area is well-worth the trip. The Wildernest Resort, situated in the middle of Goa and Belgaum makes for a convenient stay option. They have naturalists to guide you and there are trails that offer a rejuvenating birding experience.

Chorla Ghat, happens to be a natural retreat situated on the intersection of the borders of Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra. It is located on the north-eastern part of Panaji, Goa and belongs to the Western Ghats area in the Sahyadri mountain range, close to an elevation of 800 meters. The sub-tropical forests of the Chorla Ghat form the natural habitat of some rare species. Nature lovers can indulge in various activities in the area such as jungle walks, machans and hide, treks and hikes, foot trails etc.

We have included Chorla Ghat in our list of herpetological tour destinations. Our clients who reside in Goa shall find it easy to visit the area for 2-3 nights. The entire area is a green dense forest where one can witness amazing diversities of reptiles, amphibians and birds. It experiences heavy rainfall and in monsoon one can see thousands of waterfalls. Although not very famous for mammals, occasionally one can see sambar deer, barking deer or mouse deer. It is a good location to spot giant squirrels and leopards can be sighted at night.