August 2013
Photography tips: Raghunandan Kulkarni | info@iwx.co.in

Initially I found a pair of hornbill on a tree. They were in courtship. Male was continuously following female. At one point of time female flew to another tree. After a minute, male followed her to the same tree. I was observing this romantic play. Female reached top of the tree and again flew to another tree. By now I was assured that male will also fly similar way. Thinking that I can get the flying shot I set my camera to following settings -

Increased ISO to 500, set image stabilizer to motion, stabilizing changed to track focusing.

And suddenly it happened. Exactly as I expected, the male flew to the same tree offering me a prized shot!

To get good photograph it is important to anticipate animal behavior and this comes with experience. IWX use such highly experienced guides for photography groups.

White-browed Fantail - Rhipidura aureola - Family - Rhipiduridae
Commonly seen all over India

June to August, the time when monsoon embrace the Indian Subcontinent. This is perfect time for some birds to start their nesting.

White Browed Fantail is one of the birds who become active during this season.

After the first pre-monsoon showers fantails become more vocal. You can hear their melodious tune of 9 notes everywhere. The courtship begins; males try to impress females by spreading their tail feathers like fan, dancing around and displaying acrobatic skills.

Although till 31st September most of the national parks remained close in India, we keep getting updates on our tigers.

The news is from Ranthmbhore-

T-19 Is the new queen of lakes

Few days ago T-19 (One of Machali's daughter) has settled on route no. 2, 3 and 4; the previous territory of T 17 (Machali's another daughter). Last year during the same season (June 2012) T 17 had 3 cubs. Till the cubs were 5 months old T 17 was in this area. As park re-opened in November 2012, T 17 was spotted at the end of route no. 5 at Kachida. After that T 17 disappeared (or probably killed). Her 3 cubs have grown up and are in good health.

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the midst of Western Ghats in Chikmanglur and Shimoga districts of Karnataka. It is about 275 kms from Bangalore and 38 kms from Chikmagalur town and covers an area of 492.46 kms.

The Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary boasts substantial tiger population. It was declared as the 25th Project Tiger of India in 1998.

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