Culture and Wildlife

Subcontinent’s culture is, undoubtedly, as vivid as its wildlife. Every nook and corner is blessed with places of cultural interests. If guests are visiting for the first time and if they’re willing, we can propose tailor-made itinerary to divide their trip into wildlife as well as cultural experience.

Spiritual Mountains & Grey Ghosts of Himalayas

Ladakh region of the Himalaya is an ideal place to spot a snow leopard. These beasts are highly elusive and can blend with the terrain flawlessly. Their presence can be felt, but to watch them is quite a task. With our nature guides, chances are you’ll come face to face with these grey ghosts. In addition, experience the pious environ of the Buddhist Monasteries of the region. Getting to know the lifestyles of monk is not just interesting; it also teaches the way to salvation.

Splendid South- Leopards, Elephants, Exotic Resorts & Relaxation

The emerald mountains of South India, also known as Western Ghats, are home to elephants, tigers, leopards and many rare species of flora and fauna. Although south Indian jungles are not known for tiger sighting, but spotting a leopard is fairly common here. Apart from these predators, Western Ghats comprise unique species of primates like Lion tailed Macaque and Nilgiri Langur. Furry and beautiful Malabar Giant Squirrel swiftly hopping from tree to another is a common site in southern jungles. The thick evergreen forests of Western Ghats are also known for variety of herpeto-fauna, butterflies, plants and amphibians. Similarly, the cultural heritage is as diversified as the wildlife. Palace of Mysore, Tea Gardens of Ooty & Munnar, Temples, Markets, Art etc. are worth experiencing.

Taj, Tigers & Ghariyals

The renowned tiger reserves Tadoba, Pench, Kanha and Bandhavgarh are well connected to Agra. Choose any of these thrilling tiger destinations and combine it with the Taj (Mahal) – One of the wonders of the world and a symbol of love. As an extension, unwind at the Chambal River Lodge. The place is known for watching Dolphins, Ghariyals and colorful Indian Skimmer.

Palaces & Forts, Tigers & Birds

Unwind your spirits in the annals and antiquities of Rajasthan. Its inhabitants are as vivid and pleasing as the place itself is. And amid the golden sands lies Ranthambore – arguably, one of the best places to watch and photograph tigers. Bharatpur bird sanctuary is another attraction.