Bird Watching Tours

Over 1200 species of birds. More than 25 bird sanctuaries & protected birding sites. And a bespoke itinerary of your choice. What else a bird-lover requires?

Itinerary Scheduling

Indian Subcontinent is a birder’s paradise with IWX specialists offering innumerable options of sighting forest wetland, desert and grassland species. IWX’s specially crafted itineraries for dedicated birders enabling them to see high altitude / endemic species. All IWX itineraries are designed in consultation with bird specialists and local crew to meet our guests’ tour objectives. Every time.

Tour leaders

Our tour leaders will equip you with the state-of-the-art bird watching gear capable enough to seize beautiful moments of the nests atop high trees and across a ravine. Our birding tour leaders are specially trained to notice slight movements and barely audible chirps in the foliage. And moreover, they’re ever passionate to spot new bird species for you.

Key of our success

With a sturdy network of our specialist tour leaders and local birders, we can assure you the success of your tour. These local birders have a great knowledge of areas and often assist us in spotting rare species.

Some of our records

  • North India birding trip-14, days-480 species of birds spotted
  • Desert and western India bird trip-12, days - 372 species of birds spotted
  • Endemic birds of south India-8, days-19 endemic species with 189 other species spotted